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Mal ([personal profile] malnpudl) wrote2015-12-14 03:36 am

Help! Seeking insta-beta ASAP, please!

I'm in need of a super-fast beta for my due South Seekrit Santa podfic. It's trigger-free mostly gennish with a bit of F/K, about 15 minutes long. It's been thoroughly edited, so hopefully it won't need more than a quick proof-listen.

Any volunteers will be showered with gratitude, adoration, and very possibly bribes. I'm down to the wire here! The deadline is coming up in a matter of hours (midnight Chicago time).

Many thanks in advance.

(If you volunteer and I don't take you up on it... read absolutely nothing into it. No, really. Nothing at all. No seekrits here. Not a one. *innocent face*)

ETA: Doneski!
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[personal profile] luzula 2015-12-14 11:55 am (UTC)(link)
Since it's been thoroughly edited, if I were you I would upload it as is, so you can go to sleep. : ) You can always tinker with it more later.

That said, I could do a quick beta-listen for you within the next couple of hours.