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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 08:40pm on 21/03/2015
[community profile] intoabar is about to open signups for the next round, and they're allowing collaborations. Yay!

I would like to team up with a writer. You write; I'll podfic your story.

My details are here on LJ or here on DW.
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 06:46am on 22/03/2015
Color me interested; we definitely have enough fandoms in common to make this work. It may take me a day or so to work out specific possible signup combos, but I would definitely like to make the effort.
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 06:57am on 22/03/2015
That might work nicely, though someone else had commented ahead of you over on LJ. I don't know if that will work out, so keep me in mind as an active possibility, please. I think I read some of your stuff last time we talked about this and really liked it.
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 02:43pm on 22/03/2015
Update: The other person has decided not to participate this time, so I'm available! :-D
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 03:24pm on 22/03/2015
Query, as I brainstorm -- does your MCU savvy extend to Agent Carter, and if so, how would you feel about Angie or Jarvis as a starting character?
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 09:11pm on 22/03/2015
I haven't seen Agent Carter at all, so it's probably not the best bet.
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 09:14pm on 22/03/2015
Moving right along, then....

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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 05:49am on 23/03/2015
Further brainstorming: I'm presently contemplating either Pepper Potts or Q as "goes into the bar" character; do you have a preference between the two?

At the moment, I'm looking at Castle and SG-1 as two of the matchable fandoms for either of those. For Pepper, ST:TNG is likely one of the other two; for Q, NCIS would be my third. If you have other suggestions for either prospect (bearing in mind that I don't know all of your fandoms), let's get those into the mix.

While I'm at it, one more totally off-the-wall alt-fandom query:
what about the L. Frank Baum Oz books? If you know that material at all (and would be comfortable working with it), I'd count those as a highly amusing potential match for either Pepper or Q. If not, then such is life, but I couldn't resist raising the possibility.

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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 07:09am on 23/03/2015
Either Q or Pepper Potts would be fine with me. Either of them would be a hoot for me to record, I'd think. All of your proposed matches are cool, too. I have no preferences among them. They're all comfortable ground for me.

I can certainly see the appeal of the Oz books for this challenge, but I'm afraid I don't know them well enough to feel comfortable recording them. In fact, I've only ever read the first one and that was well over 40 years ago. Ah, well.

I just looked at your DW Interests list and a couple of quirky things jumped out at me. I could happily work with Remington Steele or Murder She Wrote, if either of those tickle your fancy for this.

I lived in the LotR books when I was in junior high, but haven't reread them since then, though I've seen all the movies. I could work with that.

None of those are requests, just possibilities.
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 05:39am on 24/03/2015

You're right, both Remington Steele and Murder, She Wrote are viable prospects for this...probably more Steele than Jessica, given the way Into A Bar is matched. (After Jessica, the M,SW secondary characters are kind of an odd lot.) I will happily switch in Steele as a matchable fandom.

As to LotR: we got The Hobbit chapter by chapter at bedtime when I was very small, I eventually absorbed the subsequent trilogy, and have indeed seen all the movies. For purposes of the present challenge, I think I'd want to narrow to The Hobbit (book version) as the most manageable source canon. (Q/Hobbit would clearly be spectacularly insane but easy to finesse; Pepper/Hobbit would be fascinating but considerably trickier. Hmmm.)
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 10:01pm on 30/03/2015
I hope life isn't giving you too much grief at the moment. Meanwhile, as the Into-A-Bar signup window narrows, I'm considering either of two prospective signups:

Pepper Potts goes into the bar:
==> Castle
==> The Hobbit (book)
==> Remington Steele
==> Star Trek: TNG


Q goes into the bar:
==> The Hobbit (book)
==> NCIS
==> Remington Steele
==> Stargate SG-1

I'm ready to post one of these as the signup; I'd just like to confirm that you're still available to collaborate and get your preference (if you have one, or if you'd like to switch out a fandom on one of them). OTOH, if -- like me -- you look at those and think "gee, either one looks fun", I may well actually flip a coin.
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:54am on 31/03/2015
I'm doing pretty well, actually. Med dosage increase is doing its thing, and the fog is about 90 percent lifted. Yay for better living through chemistry! *g*

And those both sound like SO MUCH FUN. I would happily do either one of them with you, and I can't even bring myself to choose between them. So pick your favorite and sign us up!

My username is malnpudl everywhere, so that's simple enough. If they need contact info for me, my gmail is lcbergstrom (at etc).
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 05:32am on 31/03/2015
Done, running with Pepper. Now we wait....
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 05:39am on 31/03/2015
Woohoo! :-D
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 05:32pm on 07/04/2015
Aaaaand we have our assignment. I am amused; after all those discussions of potentially cracktastic pairings, Pepper is slated to meet....Alexis Castle. Which should be fun to do, but much less bizarre than some of the other possibilities would have been.

The really amusing bit is that I essentially have a setup already, courtesy of a drabble I did for Fandom Stocking this past holiday...and possibly riffing off of this prior tale as well.

I am setting myself a tentative deadline of the 27th to get you final text, thereby allowing for recording time to make the formal posting deadline of May 9. Let me know ASAP if I should move that earlier. (I don't *think* this is going to run over 3,000 words....)
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 06:37pm on 07/04/2015
That all sounds awesome to me! Wheee!!!

(If it does look like it's going to run long, let me know. That's the only wrinkle. Otherwise, I can record 3K in one sitting, and it's quiet recording time that's touchiest to arrange.)
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 06:16am on 27/04/2015
Oy. The good news is that the length looks to be under control; the bad news is that it is likely to be Tuesday or Wednesday before I have text for you.

(The overlapping exchange deadline was not actually an issue. OTOH, the unexpected local-fannish email/forum kerfuffle has not helped.)
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 06:24am on 27/04/2015
No worries. The weather forecast is looking like my best recording window will be Friday and Saturday nights, so I'll still be in fine shape.

(And apparently I missed a kerfuffle? Hope you weren't too inconvenienced.)
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 05:42am on 31/03/2015
Also: I just scanned all the signups on DW and this round is going to be so awesome! *happy dance*
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posted by [personal profile] graycardinal at 05:59am on 31/03/2015

Oh, indeed; there are a bunch of those I will definitely want to read, between the DW and LJ signups.