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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 03:58pm on 18/01/2016
1) I am not dead, nor vanished into an alternate reality, frozen in stasis, or wormhole-transported to another destination. On the whole, this pleases me... though admittedly the latter is kind of intriguing.

2) I'm continuing to adjust to last fall's medication changes and on the whole am mostly very pleased with those, too.

3) However, SAD is still a thing, it turns out, and I forgot all about using my light therapy. Major depressive downturn during the dark months (though significantly better than most years thanks to Pristiq et al). Oops. Must restart.

4) Communication still challenging. Improving very slowly. But improving. No, really. Honest. Less worse, anyway.

5) I'm continuing to unfuck my habitat in extremely satisfying ways. This project will last me a long, long time, since I'm dealing with stuff that's been accumulating, ignored, for decades. (I'm not a hoarder; I love getting rid of stuff. I just didn't have the oomph or the spoons* for a very, very long time.)

6) Last fall's neck/shoulder injury took an eternity to get better but it looks like it's definitively cleared up and mostly forgotten altogether. Finally.

7) I have started learning to make jewelry -- not to sell or anything, just for fun. Stringing beads, wire work, and a bit of chainmaille (this thanks to the influence of my Favorite Cousin [ profile] cosmo_dk). WAY FUN, partly because of the huge learning curve (brain work feels really good) and partly because pretty rocks make me giddy with delight. Including lots of really cheap ones. OMG JASPER. Seriously. Yay, affordablity. Glass and metal are cool and pretty, too, but I'm really all about the rocks. (Plastic turns out to be a total turn-off, even when called something else, like resin. Oh, well.)

8) Late last November, my beloved goddog Indy Anna Jane turned THIRTEEN. This is older than God for a Rottweiler. She's stone deaf and gimpy, and was recently diagnosed with a "mass" in her spleen that may or may not be cancer (and we're not going to do anything about it, so no point finding out), but she's still comfortable and cheerful and enjoying life, so we're cherishing her and delighting in her until she's ready to leave us. The loss, when it comes, will be sad, but not crushing. She's had her full measure of life and a whole lot more, so it'll be the best sort of end.

9) This gives me a huge case of the happies: Zinnias blooming in space! Botany! And gardening! And science! And space exploration! The only thing that could make this more perfect for me is if a dog were involved. Now I want to read something where a character is named Zinnia in honor of this event.

10) This year was the first time [community profile] purimgifts opened to podfic, and I really wanted to team up with a writer to make something... but the sign-up period coincided with an endless series of VERY LOUD STORMS and I wasn't at all sure I could commit to recording something in time for the deadline. Oh, well; maybe next year. (I'm not Jewish, but I've always had an interest in and a certain degree of attraction to Judaism, and I also like stories that explore characters' relationship to their own religion/religious upbringing... maybe especially because I don't seem capable of faith or otherwise wired for religion myself.)

11) At the end of this month I will once again accompany Suz, my local bestie, to the Bay Area for one of her periodic medical specialist check-ups followed by two whole days surrounded by 3000 dogs at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show (spectating, not competing). Actually, that is something of a religious pilgrimage for me, come to think of it. In a sense. And we might get to spend half a day at Annie's Annuals, which is Mecca, so as pilgrimages go, it could be a double-header.

12) Like pretty much everyone in fandom, I was grief-stricken at the loss of Alan Rickman. I'm going to be sad about that for a long time. Does anyone know where/how a person might find a way to see Truly, Madly, Deeply? *wistful*

In conclusion: Ray Kowalski. (Are we still saying that? I miss saying that.)

* Re spoons: I've started seeing the occasional non-disabled or non-chronically-ill person (as they define themselves) using this expression in reference to themselves when they're merely tired or stressed or have a cold or whatever. That pushes my buttons in a big way. This analogy, this term, refers to something huge and devastating, and it's incredibly important. I don't like seeing it diluted. Actually, I deeply resent seeing it diluted until it's meaningless. /rant
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posted by [personal profile] scriggle at 12:20am on 19/01/2016
Hi Mal! *glomps*

In conclusion: Ray Kowalski. = Always appropriate.
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:42am on 24/01/2016
Scriggle! Hi! Hi hi hi!!! <3

Fraser agrees with you. So do it. :-D
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posted by [personal profile] spuffyduds at 03:22am on 19/01/2016
Ray Kowalski appropriate for all occasions. Hi you!!!
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:42am on 24/01/2016
Hello hello!

A Ray for all seasons and occasions, yes please! :-D
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posted by [personal profile] isis at 04:02am on 19/01/2016
Yay, you aren't dead, nor vanished into an alternate reality!
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:43am on 24/01/2016
These are good things! :-D

But the wormhole one... you have to admit, you'd be a bit tempted, too, wouldn't you? *ponders*
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posted by [personal profile] akamine_chan at 07:42am on 19/01/2016
Awesome post is awesome! <3
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:45am on 24/01/2016
Hi, Aka! Thank you for the art (♥) and my apologies for my failure to reply. Oy. Corners, I am turning them, one by one by one. :-)
luzula: a Luzula pilosa, or hairy wood-rush (Default)
posted by [personal profile] luzula at 11:44am on 19/01/2016
Hey there! It's good to hear what's going on in your life. *hugs*
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:46am on 24/01/2016
Hi there, you! ♥

It's going okay. I like this. I do. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] sperrywink at 01:10pm on 19/01/2016
Congratulations on not being dead, or otherwise vanished. :-)

And good luck with the habitat unfucking. Sounds like you are making progress.
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:47am on 24/01/2016
Thank you! I am pleased to be alive and on the planet. This planet. :-D

Yeah, it's really nice to see things come together around me.

I recently shredded a box of paperwork that I'd been carting around with me for the last two house moves. *facepalms*

Decluttering is pretty awesome. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] j00j at 02:06pm on 19/01/2016
Glad to hear from you, and glad to hear things are going ok. Also, yes, Ray!
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:48am on 24/01/2016
Hiya! *happy hug*

Yes, they actually are going okay. It's good. I'm digging this. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] seascribe at 12:25am on 20/01/2016
Glad you are not vanish├Ęd or wombat-transported (as my brain parsed that line the first go-round)!
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:50am on 24/01/2016
Wombat-transported! That has to be the very best kind! I am now certain of this! :-D

If it ever happens, I'll take a wombat wormhole, please.

In the mean time, I am pleased to be here. Glad you are, too. Hard times suck beyond the telling of it. We continue to survive them. *hugs*
likeaduck: Cristina from Grey's Anatomy runs towards the hospital as dawn breaks, carrying her motorcycle helmet. (cristina - dawn)
posted by [personal profile] likeaduck at 02:49am on 20/01/2016
Hiiiiiiiii! Flowers! Dogs! Outer space! Interior space! Crafts! Cool things all. Winter can be so rough, I'm glad to hear there's some positive stuff going for you too.

My new craft is card making. Want mail? :D
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posted by [personal profile] malnpudl at 12:54am on 24/01/2016
Such very cool things! And yes, definitely some good things happening. Life is not all sunshine and roses, but it sucks way less than it has in half an age and the sun is there, as often as not. I can work with this.

And yes, please! Card-making sounds cool. I would love to receive one! Do you have my mailing address?

Also, do you wear any sort of jewelry? I'd be tickled to send you something, if you give me an idea what you like. So far I'm doing mostly earrings and bracelets, but I'm dipping my toes into various projects and having a good time trying new things. No obligation, if it doesn't ping you.
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posted by [personal profile] likeaduck at 07:17pm on 31/01/2016
I don't think I have your address, nope! I do wear jewellery sometime but am in the midst of a shift in taste/presentation, so I'm hardly sure what I like anymore! I'm very pleased you would offer though, maybe I'll think on it a bit, if that's cool? In the meantime I'll shoot you a pm to get your address?